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Le Frigo Vert is an anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, anti-oppression , food, alternative health, and community space located near Concordia University's downtown Montreal campus.  Le Frigo Vert is supported by Concordia students via a small refundable fee levy. All Concordia students are members. Memberships are available on a sliding scale of $0-100. 


Le Frigo Vert Welcomes You

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A Bit About Us

Le Frigo Vert is a worker-run collective devoted to working together and collaborating with other organizations in order to:

  • Provide quality vegetarian nourishment to marginalized groups

  • Challenge corporate involvement in food production and distribution

  • Create and promote environmentally and socially sustainable alternatives to the Market System of food production, processing and distribution

  • Offer education with respect to health, food nutrition, food preparation and politics;

  • Develop skills pertinent to social, economic, political and individual self-sufficiency

  • Mobilize for active involvement in environmental and social justice politics

  • Empower communities and groups of individuals to gain control over localized resources and create community spaces;

  • Perform these activities in a not-for-profit, non-hierarchical structure.

Image by Irina Iacob

More About Us + Le Frigo Vert History

Le Frigo Vert's Constitution

Le Frigo Vert's Annual Report

Annual General Meeting minutes

Minutes from the Board of Directors meetings

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