Le Frigo Vert Welcomes You

Le Frigo Vert is an anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, anti-oppression , food, alternative health, and community space located near Concordia University's downtown Montreal campus.  
Le Frigo Vert is supported by Concordia students via a small refundable fee levy. All Concordia students are members. Memberships are available on a sliding scale of $0-100. 


Welcome Back!

Come celebrate with us!

Our Grand Re-Opening Celebration is happening Sept.22 from 2-7 pm. Free samosas, drinks, and good times!

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Mushroom Workshop by Revelry Apothecary at Le Frigo Vert

Mushrooms are powerful allies, super nutritious, deep healers, and master eco-system balancers and detoxifiers, (both in the human body and on our planet).

I combine my experience using mushrooms in my herbal practice, living and working in mushroom picking camps, classes I have attended and taught, and my own self guided study to give a well rounded presentation of all things fungal.

We will be discussing health benefits and ways to incorporate mushrooms into food, how mushrooms work medicinally and which ones to use, mushroom folklore, psychedelic applications, and other uses such as fungal control in the garden

In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare and use a mushroom tincture, and take your tincture home with you. The mushrooms we use for the tincture will be a blend of local mushrooms I wildcrafted.

Accessibility info:

Tickets are limited and can be purchased for $20.00 Available through eventbrite at:


I attended the "fungi for wellness" workshop during the month of November 2021. I had a great time. The speaker, Hunter, was super interactive and well-informed, and it was a nice way to connect. I’ll be stopping by at the Frigo Vert more often!


A Bit About Us

Le Frigo Vert is a worker-run collective devoted to working together and collaborating with other organizations in order to:

  • Provide quality vegetarian nourishment to marginalized groups;

  • Challenge corporate involvement in food production and distribution;

  • Create and promote environmentally and socially sustainable alternatives to the Market System of food production, processing and distribution;

  • Offer education with respect to health, food nutrition, food preparation and politics;

  • Develop skills pertinent to social, economic, political and individual self-sufficiency;

  • Mobilize for active involvement in environmental and social justice politics;

  • Empower communities and groups of individuals to gain control over localized resources and create community spaces;

  • Perform these activities in a not-for-profit, non-hierarchical structure.


Opening Hours

Open again Sept.6th!!

Accessibility Info:
Le Frigo Vert is a wheelchair accessible, scent-free storefront on the ground floor on Mackay street next to Guy Concordia metro. 

There are two low-rise ramps with guardrails inside and outside of the space, and a 39.5" wide non-automated front door.  We have a wheelchair accessible kitchenette (sink, microwave, kettle, dishes, etc.) available to anyone (no purchase necessary).

We offer a wheelchair-accessible gender-neutral bathroom with a baby-changing station and safer sex + safer drug use supplies available for free.

For more detailed information (including pictures and measurements) , see our Accessibility Info Sheet.


Contact Us

Address: 1440 Rue Mackay

Mailing Adress:  1444 Rue Mackay #203, Montreal, QC, ​H3G 2H9

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