Opening Hours

Le Frigo Vert is open to all Monday to Thursday from 12pm to 4pm. During these hours you'll have access to the café, lounge, etc. This is when you'll find collective members on site. 


Accessibility Info

Le Frigo Vert is a wheelchair accessible, scent-free storefront on the ground floor on Mackay street next to Guy Concordia metro. 

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There are two low-rise ramps with guardrails inside and outside of the space, and a 39.5" wide non-automated front door.  We have a wheelchair accessible kitchenette (sink, microwave, kettle, dishes, etc.) available to anyone (no purchase necessary).

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We offer a wheelchair-accessible gender-neutral bathroom with a baby-changing station and safer sex + safer drug use supplies available for free.

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Info Sheet

For more detailed information (including pictures and measurements) , see our Accessibility Info Sheet.