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Our space is available for clubs and organizations to use for events throughout the year! Did you know you could use our space to host a meeting, party or a variety of other events? All on a sliding pay scale! We also offer technical equipment and a furnished kitchen for all your event needs. We’re located on campus at 1440 Rue Mackay (Metro Guy-Concordia). Please contact for bookings & more info. Le Frigo Vert is a wheelchair-accessible space. We also provide a wheelchair-accessible gender-neutral washroom. Feel free to DM, email, or directly talk to a staff member on-site for any question regarding accessibility in the space!

How To Book
The Space

1. Send an email to:

with your desired dates, describing your event and provide your contact information

2. Fill in the  Venue & Lounge Booking Form


3. Look over the Space Booking Checklist


4. Wait for a response from a collective member

5.  Fill in the Venue & Lounge Use Agreement



How does payment work?

How do I see availabilities?


Venue & Lounge
Use Agreement

We strive to make Le Frigo Vert as safe a space as is possible by committing to anti-oppression and accessibility in all we do. Please help us keep our space safe by watching out for and addressing any racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, ableism etc. that may occur while using the space. We also ask you to clearly communicate the accessibility of the space in your promotions. Feel free to reach out to
a staff member for any support with this.


We ask that anyone using our space helps promote Le Frigo Vert by sharing on social media that they use our space and distribute the promotional materials we provide to your attendees.

We require that one person in the group take the responsibility of being the booking signee. We require this person to show photo identification when signing this agreement.

This person is responsible for any losses or damages as well the cleaning fee if the space is not left clean.

Membership Fee for Space Use 

All sliding scale. This means you pay what you can afford. If you can only afford a little bit or nothing at all, that is ok. However, our rent is very expensive and we ask you to seriously consider paying the maximum amount you can pay. Organizations and people that contribute more make it possible for us to offer this space to more marginalized people who aren’t able
to afford it. Every bit counts!

Meetings 0-75$
Workshops 0-300$
Minimum 100$ for for profit workshops
Events 0-1000$
Minimum 300$ for for profit events

Booking Form


Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!



Need a space? We got you!

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